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2014 Varsity Parents -

Game videos are available again this spring!



Video Services 2014:


We are pleased to announce that we have contracted once again with Scott Enterprise Video Productions for the 2014 season.  Scott Enterprises is a Darien based video production company that offers athlete highlight and game film to many high schools in Fairfield County and the Westchester area.  If you have an interest in obtaining individual video on your son, you should contact Laura Escalante of Scott Enterprises at:

Laura Escalante

Scott Enterprises



IMPORTANT: Please work with SE Video directly.  The Booster club will not be involved in any decision and/or payment for individual video arrangements.


Here are the individual player video options offered by Scott Enterprises:

1.  The highlight package
This package costs $300 and it includes a Master DVD for your records and a video link good for a year that you would be able to share with as many coaches as you please. SE watches and revises all the games and tapes every play in which your son/
daughter participates. They will send you the clips for you to revise, and you will select the ones you consider are the best. Also, for $75 extra, you can have a private password protected Athlete Resume Page, also good for a year that will have the personal info about your son/daughter, all the stats, awards and extra info that can help the coaches know your son/daughter in a more personal, athletic and academic level.

2.  The second package
You can have access to games for $20 per game and you can watch the games online and provide times of the clips you select. These games are not for you to keep and you would not have access to download the footage. SE will put them together for you and will provide you with a video link for you to share. This link will only have the video highlight with no info about your son/daughter, just a halo (an oval shape with transparency) to show his position on the field.


The games to be filmed this year are:


4/5   @McMahon (Scrimmage)
4/9   Mercer Island  
4/11  Brookfield  
4/17  New Fairfield  
4/19   Glastonbury  
4/24   Newtown  
5/7   Guilford  
5/13    @ New Canaan

Plus SWC and State Games (to be determined)

Fri 4/11 @ Brookfield
Thu 4/17 @ New Fairfield
Thu 5/1 vs New Milford
Mon 5/5 vs Weston
Mon 5/19 @ Newtown
Plus SWC and State Games (to be determined)