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To All Parents:

Every year there is a certain amount of fundraising that must take place for all our teams.
The money raised covers the cost running each team beyond that which is provided by the Board of Education. Both the Boys and the Girls Booster Clubs have a treasurer who keeps a detailed accounting record.

Each season, most of the money needed is raised through the Parent Donation.
Parents of all Boys players are asked to donate $300 and the Girls program is $250.
With 100% participation, there would not be a need for any additional fundraising event this year.

As we are already incurring expenses, if you can send in your donation by the Pancake Breakfast on March 11h, that would be most helpful.

Checks should be made out to:     

(please indicate on the memo line if it is for Boys Lacrosse or Girls Lacrosse)

Checks for Boys should be mailed to:                         Checks for Girls should be mailed to:

Sue Dorenbosch                                                       Camy Tunick
6 Charlie Hill La.                                                       31 Austin Drive
Redding, CT 06896                                                   Easton, CT. 06612 

Thank you very much for your support!